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100% Kona Coffee
Medium Roast
Medium Acidity

Keurig 1.0 compatible (2.0 coming soon!)
$.75 less than a tall coffee
6 reviews
Most coffees you see labeled as Kona generally are a blend, and contain less than 10% of actual Kona coffee. Our Kona coffee isn’t a blend, and contains 100% Kona. You’ll taste the difference! Kona has one of the most ideal coffee growing climates in existence, but because the Kona area is so small, only 1% of the world’s coffee yield is from there (hence the price!). Experience this rare and coveted coffee in our convenient and delicious Kona K-Cups, you’ll be hooked.

The roast is lighter than a French roast, has a medium acidity, and delivers a very balanced cup of coffee. You’ll enjoy the smooth taste and understand why these beans have a cult following behind them.
100% Kona K-Cup Reviews
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So, after you talked me into buying a box, I have to say I'm glad you did. It' was pretty good! Sadly I don't have a K-cup machine at work, so I'll probably still be loyal to Dutch Bros :P I'll order another box to keep around the house in case I need a boost when I get home lol.
Bob R
Wow, I'm glad you let me try some of your initial batch! This is some great coffee, I'll have to order a few boxes to add to my massive kcup collection haha. A+
OMG!!!! I love Kona coffee, great idea. Already ordered secunds
Like I said in the other review, this and the Yellow one are my favorites, very tasty.
Well done Austin, the coffee ended up being just as great as it was on the islands. Will be buying more when we run out :)

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