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About Love It Black

Sharing the amazing coffees of
Hawaii in the convenience of a K-cup

In 2015, I went on a trip to Hawaii, where I experienced the most amazing coffee I’ve ever tasted: The Maui Mokka and Kona beans. The coffee had such a unique and wonderful taste, it had me hooked. For the duration of the trip, I made it a priority to go back to the coffee plantation to get my daily fix. When I got home, I was disappointed to find after hours of Googling, there were no K-Cups that offered either coffees in a K-Cup form (Kona blends aren’t the same, there is a huge difference in experience and taste when you compare them). It was at that moment that I decided the world needed 100% Hawaiian K-Cups. Anyone who has been to Hawaii and experienced their incredible coffees know how amazing and rare they are! I launched a small trial run and it was an instant hit, and now, we’re slowly growing into the main supplier of Hawaiian K-Cups!

We want to share the best coffees in the world with our customers, because we believe everyone deserves to wake up to Hawaii every morning. Thank you for your business.

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