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LIB Palm Tree

The world's best Kona K-Cups

The Best Kona K-Cups on Earth
100% Kona Coffee
Organic Coffee
Product of the USA
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Mokka K-Cups, the darkest coffee in a K-Cup

The Darkness You Crave, Mokka K-Cups
100% Mokka Coffee
Organic Coffee
Product of the USA
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Besides the fact that our Hawaiian coffees are incredibly delicious
Why should you switch to our K-Cups?

11 grams instead of 9

We fill our K-Cups as much as we possibly can, with about 11 grams for every K-Cup. This leads to a strong cup of coffee every time! Our competitors usually use between 8 and 10 grams.

We don't use any fillers

Most companies use fillers like cheap beans and chickory to cut costs and pad profits. We believe in quality, and only use 100% Kona and Mokka beans when filling our K-Cups.

Best coffee at the best price

Kona beans (as well as other beans from Hawaii) are some of the most expensive coffee beans on the market, generally starting at $30 a pound. We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you!

100% Hawaiian Coffees

Know where your beans come from! The volcanic soil of the Hawaiian islands produces some of the best coffee beans in the world! Our hand-picked coffees come from Maui and the big island.

Unique, rare and delicious

Our prices may be higher than typical K-Cups, but you're getting what you pay for! Hawaiian coffee is both exotic in taste, and rare in availability (coming from a combined 6 square miles on the islands).

Organic and pesticide free

We care a lot about our coffee, and our customers! The farms we use in Hawaii grow organic coffee with no pesticides. We strive for only the best, and being organic helps us towards that goal.
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